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THROWformance is an elite throwing program brought to you by one of the creators of Healthy Heat. THROWformance is designed to meet your individual needs and transform you into a high-level thrower. We create a custom, individualized program to help correct your inefficiencies and teach you to throw harder and move faster. We help you take your game to the next level while eliminating arm pain and becoming a more durable player. Our small-group setting allows for individual attention in a competitive atmosphere. Our training is data driven and research based to take the guess work out of your training and maximize your results. Each player will receive:

  •       High-Speed Video Analysis
  •       Throwing and Pain Assessment
  •       Individualized Throwing Program
  •       Hands-On Instruction
  •       Neuromuscular Blending
  •       Power Building Workouts
  •       Development of Movement Patterns
  •       Individualized Strength and Mobility
  •       Customized Arm Care
  •       Recovery

Do you want to throw harder? Are you tired of having arm pain and soreness? Take control of your career and sign up today! Training has started but sessions are set up so you can join anytime. THROWformance runs all year long.

THROWformance is offered in packages of 8 sessions for $225. 

Sessions are set up in 90-minute blocks that begin at: 

  • Monday - 4:00 & 5:45
  • Tuesday - 2:15, 4:00, & 5:45
  • Wednesday - 4:00
  • Thursday - 4:00 & 5:45
  • Friday - 4:00


You may attend any combination of offered sessions that work for your schedule. We recommend at least 2 sessions a week to maximize results but you can schedule and attend as many or few as works for you. Please schedule sessions out as number of athletes per session is limited and available on a first come basis.

Packages expire 6 weeks after your first session and are set to automatically renew upon completion of your package or every 6 weeks. Cancel anytime before your next renewal date.

Contact Sean McCourt with any questions at

Sean McCourt - Owner/Throw Expert

 Sean is the creator of THROWformance, an elite throwing program designed to help build velocity and eliminate arm pain. His background in both pitching and strength and conditioning have allowed him to blend biomechanics and movement patterns to help develop high-level throwers. Sean previously worked as the Director of Pitching at Bardos and Gameday in addition to being a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

THROWformance Sean McCourt THROWformance

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