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Sponsors & Partners

Exclusive Partner for Baseball and Softball Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

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Our company goal is to provide to the residents and businesses of the state of Colorado the most satisfying Insurance buying and servicing experience possible. To this end, we believe it absolutely necessary to earn and keep their trust, and we do so by:

  1. Holding ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards of conduct by always operating in a manner characterized by integrity, honesty and accountability; and
  2. Continually acquiring additional education in order to better represent the insurance contracts we provide as we fulfill our role as advisors, first and foremost.

In support of youth athletics and the Sandlot Baseball & Softball Academy, a donation to Sandlot will be made from the purchase or sale of any home by a Sandlot family or referred by a Sandlot family.

Tap into a new client stream by advertising with Sandlot!

Benefits of advertising with us:

  • American households children spend over 4 billion dollars annually on sports instruction and private coaching
  • Baseball, more than any other major sport, requires the highest degree skill development to play successfully
  • Focus your marketing dollar on these families with discretionary income
  • Reach families that are willing to spend more for better value
  • Brand your company as being supportive of youth activities
  • Use different advertising strategies partnering with a unique business that promotes character development and maturity among young men and women

Sandlot Advertising Methods:
Equipment & Training Area

Have your logo placed on the equipment, cages and turf area that your organization selects to sponsor. 

Facility Signage
Banners (4’X8’ to 8’X16’) are strategically placed along the perimeter walls of our 12,000 sq ft facility
8 ½” x 11” wall signs are placed near the door and desk area

Inclusion in Sandlot related e-blasts
We send 1 to 3 e-blasts to our client base per week.  We include logos/links to our sponsors’ business websites. 

Logo & Direct Link to Business Site on

Promotional coupons/advertisements
Promotional coupons/advertisements are sent throughout the year to Sandlot client base.  Coupons will have direct links to your website

Custom Advertising Methods
Depending on your advertising needs, we can create custom packages designed specifically for your business. 

Please call
833-752-2255 x 700 or email for more details regarding Advertising and Sponsorship Packages.