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Sandlot Baseball and Softball Academy COVID-19 Communication

By Christopher Silvaggi, 03/12/20, 11:15PM MDT


As we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and well-being of our players, coaches, families and staff is of utmost importance to us. I wanted to personally reach out to you and provide an update on the actions that Sandlot is taking to help prevent the spread of the virus and support the health and well-being of our members and our communities 

There are growing concerns around COVID-19, and we are closely monitoring the situation to stay informed of the rapid changes and recommendations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the Colorado Department of Public Health, Douglas County School District, and other sport specific resources.
We are keenly focused on our preparedness efforts to maintain a safe environment to sustain our business operations as appropriate. As such, we have activated our business resiliency plan, which includes thee initial precautions:

Cleaning: We have increased the number of times the facility is detail cleaned by professional services.  We have also designated that high use areas be cleaned with sanitizing agents that will help ensure the surfaces are cleaned properly given the risks.

Practice setup: We will be implementing a distancing provision within the facility.  Cage 4 will not be used when there are multiple teams in the facility.  Teams will be limited to using cages 1-3 or 5&6 accordingly.  We understand that this compresses the space available for teams but by not using cage 4 we insert 15 feet of separation between teams using the facility.  We feel the distance between teams is more important at this point.

It is also recommended that batting gloves be worn during practice and cleaned for additional precautions

Limits to group size: We are restricting the people in the building by asking parents and siblings not to wait in the common spaces.  Best practices identified by leading health organizations recommend limiting the amount of time spent inside with moderate sized groups of people.   If you feel the need to wait for your player for the entire duration of a practice, we are asking you to wait in your vehicle.  Sandlot staff will work with the coaches to enforce this new policy.  We ask for your patience and cooperation observing this new process.

If a player or coach is symptomatic for cold, flu, or allergy; do not send them to practice or training sessions.  If a coach observes a player or coach that is symptomatic for any of these conditions they are instructed to call the parent immediately and have the player removed from the facility.  If it is the coach exhibiting the symptoms the coach is instructed to leave the facility immediately.

If a coach or player has been symptomatic for cold, flu, or allergy conditions they must be symptom free for 72 hours prior to returning to team activities.

We are also engaging Colorado Performance Factory and THROWformance to discuss provisions that they may implement during their sessions to help facilitate participant safety.  Any changes that are orientated toward this aspect of the facility will be communicated separately.

Many of our scheduled outside field practices and tournaments will be dependent on the limitations and decisions set by our school, county and town partners.

We will continue to closely monitor developments and update our policies accordingly to ensure the safety and well-being for all baseball and softball athletes, parents, coaches and supporters during this uncertain time. If and when any event schedules or plans change, we will communicate in a timely manner with all members.