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Summer 2020 High School Softball Training Program

Buy your training package and select the sessions you want to attend. Members can attend up to 12 sessions in June! That's 24 hours of position skill and strength and conditioning training.


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Sport Specific Team and Individualized Performance Training

Every athlete is different.  Likewise, the specific demands of each position in every sport is different.   If you’re serious about elevating your game to the next level, we will work with you to design an individualized training program and nutrition plan that adapts to your specific needs.

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Our mission is to have a positive impact on our members lives by creating a memorable sports experience. We will deliver the best possible skill development, fitness and nutrition solutions to our customers’ needs. 

Sandlot Sports Academy Offers

  • Baseball Training
  • Softball Training
  • Speed, Agility and Strength Training
  • Soccer and Lacrosse Team Practice Space 

Our coaches and trainers have many years of experience training and prepare athletes for their upcoming seasons. We do this by taking their physical skills to the next level and maximizing their performance. Our trainers use proven methods and create innovative workouts to fit the needs of each individual athlete.  Sandlot's focus is on improving every athlete’s abilities. We don’t ask, we demand effort. Our sports training is second to none.  If you’re looking to improve your overall physical fitness or just focus on a specific sport we have the right coaches to take you to that next level.

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